What’s it all about?

A lot has changed in recent months, and connecting with our young people during this time is as important as ever.

Connecting with young people in a virtual world can be a challenge for us, in maintaining and building relationships.

What is the message we are looking to share with our young people when we do connect with them, and how can that be done effectively in an online world where we are ‘cancelled’ for sharing a message that is not well received?

And how does this effect the overall community, the world in which we are inviting the young people to? What does this community look like, and how can we build relationships with the young people we minister to through the community?

We’d like to bring you together to discuss these issues, in a series of four weekly talks, running on Zoom, where we will be joined by guest speakers who will guide us through these topics.

These sessions are for anyone who is involved in youth ministry or who minister with young people in the Church: Clergy, youth ministers, volunteers and Catechists.

The sessions will run over four weeks on Monday nights via Zoom, starting the 2nd November at 7pm.

To register your interest please send an email to fiona@nymo.org