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At the beginning of February, record numbers of young people enjoyed the Lux weekend hosted by the NYMO team. This years theme of ‘Gold’ encouraged us to train, practice and develop our gift of faith. Offering tools for daily prayer and techniques to help us enjoy our faith and build on our relationship with our loving and merciful God.

Great fun was had through the weekend whilst friendships were formed and in this environment, learning taking place. Joining us for the weekend were Will Hince, Managing Director of Beyond The Wild the outdoor survival expert who teaches survival in the wild mixed with spiritual survival techniques. Also, Joe Black, nephew of Mary’s Meals founder, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow. Both these guys inspired a life of prayer to live life to the full – and our young people certainly did that!


A 90ft survival inflatable arrived on Saturday afternoon, whilst some of the participants enjoyed wheelchair sports. Highlights from the weekend include Mass with Bishop Peter and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Director of Youth Ministry, Neil Roseman commented:

It is amazing to see the desire in our young people to be as close as possible to God. To witness them queuing to recognise His forgiveness through the Sacrament is always a very special moment for my own faith journey.


NYMO rely heavily on a strong volunteer team of young adults who are always so bold in proclaiming their faith within the reality of life. This witness is a profound influence on the young people and it is this and their ability to have fun which makes the Lux weekend so special. As one parent put it:

It was my son’s first time attending the Lux weekend and he had such a great time. He has already asked if he can go again next time and how great all the leaders were.


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