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Be kind. Always.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. Ephesians 4:32

“If only everyone was like me.”

Have you ever caught yourself saying or thinking this? It is easy for us to stand on the sidelines of someone’s life and make judgements. Ocassionally we get caught; a misfired text or Whatsapp to the wrong person, an accidental ‘reply all’ email or being overheard gossiping about the intimate details of someone else’s relationship. Why do we wait for these accidents to regret what we are doing? As Christians, we know that judgement is God’s and His alone, but we can’t help ourselves. One of the deepest questions we ask ourselves is “Who am I?”

Well, who are you?

Are you God? Or are you God’s? Are you the final judge, jury and executioner of other people’s lives? Or are you a fellow pilgrim on the journey of life? What would others say of you?

Like me, you will all be quick to nod and like and agree with the sentiment of this post… but seriously… Who are you?

Are you a person who is tolerant of other people’s lifestyle choices or other people’s mistakes? Are you so important that your opinion is the only one that counts? Do you have the right to push others to the limit of life because they are different from you?

Is it possible to love another and disagree with them? In your family, in school, at clubs, show love to EVERYONE. Jesus did not pick and choose who He loved, He loves everyone. 

This week be that love. Be that love so big, that people wonder what has got into you. It’s not about winning or being right, or even about you…

It’s about God. 

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