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Farewell, Blaze 2024


We’ve come to the end of Blaze 2024…

We had the joy and privilege this year of hosting 3 incredible Blaze events for our confirmation candidates across the diocese.

It was so inspiring to see the young people and hear all about the various catechetical programmes being run. The catechists are doing such an amazing job.  We have some very lucky young people!

So many of the young people were so engaged in the activities throughout the events. Some humbling experiences of prayer and young people really meeting with the Spirit. Some amazing (if challenging!) questions put to our wonderful Bishop David to answer. And some truly fantastic friendships that have been forged in the journey.

Sometimes when we run these events it can be hard to know what the young people have got out of it, or what to expect when we are journeying with them for only a day, but it was clear to see the journey they were already on on their confirmation programmes and amazing to be part of that, even for just a day.

We’d love to hear more about how the events worked in the context of your programmes and any experiences the young people had that really helped them engage with preparing for this wonderful sacrament.

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