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This summer we are partnering with the Sion Community for our summer event.

D Summer stands for ‘Discipleship Summer’, which is all about living out our faith and building friendship with God.
Jesus calls all Christians to be His disciples, meaning that we follow Him, learn from Him and become His friends.

The Theme: Called

Has God called me? What does that mean? What does God expect of me? What is my calling? God wants me to do what?!

If you have ever found yourself asking these questions, then you are in good company! King David in the old testament was called by God, and boy did these questions come up for him! This D-Summer we are going to be looking at what it means to be a disciple, and what difference that can make in our lives. We’re going to be looking at the life of David to see what it can teach us today.

Join us for a residential weekend of fun, discussions, activities, and prayer to explore what it means to be called.

Age: School years 7-13

Price: £80

Location: SENT, Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood, Essex. CM15 9BX

Date: 5th-7th July