Youth Ministry Conference

Come and be inspired!

Do you love Young people in our church? This is the conference for you…

What’s it all about?

In October 2018 Pope Francis gathered Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, lay experts and most importantly young people to a conversation in Rome with the focus on ‘Young people, Faith and Vocational Discernment’. In March 2019, he issued his interpretation of the findings of that Synod, ‘Christus Vivit’. This incredible document enlightens the world of youth ministry, teaching us how to engage young people in the life of our church, build relationship with them and lead them ever closer into an encounter with Jesus Christ. 

This conference is for clergy, youth group leaders, youth ministers, volunteers, interested parents, Confirmation Catechists and anyone who loves young people in our Church.

To book, simply fill out the booking form and send it digitally via the website or to the NYMO office. 

What? Adult Youth Ministry Conference

Where? RE Centre, Holy Ghost Catholic Church, 33 Westbourne Road, Luton, LU48JD 

When? Saturday 7th March

Time? 10.00am – 3.30pm

Cost? £10

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