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“Come, and eat breakfast!”


It’s great to share a conversation over a quick snack or indulge in real ‘get to know you’ over dinner. On a recent trip to Paris, the five (or cinq!) of us who were there all agreed, at the end of the few days, all we did was eat! It’s true that we use food to get to know people, make us all feel comfortable and enjoy each others company. The same is true for Jesus. How many stories begin or end with Jesus cooking or eating or simply making more food and drink for people to enjoy!

As I get to know young adults across our diocese, they all say the same thing, “How do I meet other people my age who share my values?”. That’s true, it’s not easy in today’s society to meet other young adults who believe what we, as Catholics believe. Eventually, as I am not too bright, I managed to put these two thoughts together; food and faith. That’s where the idea of a Young Adults Brunch came from.

On the last Saturday of every month, NYMO are inviting all young adults to come and be fed; both with food and formation. How often does Jesus use food to teach his disciples or a larger crowd?

You work hard all week, just as the disciples did; up early and fishing for hours. Remember the time they caught nothing until Jesus told them to throw their nets over the other side of the boat? Once their nets were full Jesus had a treat in store for them!

So, as Jesus in John’s Gospel said “Come, and eat breakfast”!

Jesus used this instruction during the Resurrection and of course, we know this was not the end of this story. John goes on to tell us that ‘None of the disciples dared ask Him, “Who are you?”. They knew it was the Lord. There is clarity to be found in sharing food with people who understand our inner self, our values, our beliefs.

Especially when we are sharing matters of faith.

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You don’t say where & when!

Hi James! It’s on the last Saturday of every month starting in November. I’ve added another link at the bottom of the page! – Thanks!

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