Blaze is our diocesan gathering for Confirmation Candidates (of secondary school age). We are really excited to think that we may be able to meet again in person real soon with all the usual excitement.

However, things have changed considerably since we were last together in May 2019; we have a new Bishop (although he is not so new now!), our confirmation programs have been in a various state of confusion ranging from non-existent to Zoom to (kind of) in-person and all in between. One of the most significant changes as far as Blaze is concerned is that Confirmations now happen throughout the year (outside of Lent and Advent). As you will know, this impacts when we have Blaze.

We have decided to take this opportunity, with all these changes and developments to seek your feedback and advice as catechists and clergy who attend Blaze with your groups. Therefore, you are invited to join the NYMO team for a conversation, evaluation and planning time as we seek the best way forward for everyone.

This gathering will take place on Saturday, 4th September, between 11am – 1pm, at the the NYMO Offices, 33 Westbourne Road, Luton, LU4 8JD

To book your place at this meeting, please email