The Salt & Light Project

The Salt & Light Project is our Young Leaders’ Programme. It is for young people aged 16+ who wish to take on leadership role within the school, parish or local community. Young people can be part of the programme alongside work or study (not unlike the Duke of Edinburgh Award).

Each young person plans their own project, which could be a one-off event day or an on-going project. Their projects are completed before June.

An important role during this course is played by the participant's adult mentors. Usually from the same parish as the young person, they meet on a monthly basis and provide guidance and encouragement. The adult mentor has the support of the NYMO office and will be fully equipped for this role before they undertake it. 

We believe reflective practice is an invaluable way for young people to look at their work and initiate ways in which they can develop. This is a valuable skill in the eyes of employers and educators. 

In October, the young people go on retreat together. This is a chance to look deeper into skills that will be needed for their projects. We also enter in to prayer, social time and Mass together. The team are also invited to be young leaders at NYMO's residential weekend for young people: Lux. During the course of the weekend the team take on a variety of roles, including leading the entertainments and large group leadership, as well as helping with the organisation and administration of the weekend. 

After the projects are complete the team meet with Bishop Peter, who is always very interested in the projects and in the team themselves. 

Is there someone in your parish that you could suggest this to? Please point them towards the application form.

For more general information please contact Steve Harris on 01582 720627 or email