In this section you will find recommendations and resources for use in Secondary Schools. Please be selective and choose what fits and works in your context. Do also check out our Parish Resources and again adapt them to suit your situation. We would love to hear your feedback or recommendations so do get in touch

We would love to help and support you with youth ministry in your school in any way so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01582 720627 or email.

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"Let us ask for the grace to open our hearts to others, promote unity & live in harmony as members of the one Body of Christ, inspired by the gift of love which the Holy Spirit pours into our hearts"  - Pope Francis, General Audience of 19th June 2013

Have you got a YouCat and YouCat prayer book in your school?

If not, you should. We highly recommend this great Catechism for Young People, which is also a fantastic reference for adults. It makes the teachings of the Church relevant to today. There is also the prayer book which has some brilliant prayers such as for accepting forgiveness, praying for others and at the end of the day. These can be bought from Amazon for about £10 each.