Schools Resources

Here you will find some of our resources we have created for use in Secondary Schools. We have created a Dropbox folder where they are stored so you can download them all to use as you wish.


The folder includes the following:

How to:

Plan an Assembly - you can download an assembly planning sheet which we hope you will find useful

Create a prayer space in schools with suggestions of objects and fabric to use


Prayer: Lord, open my senses - this has been created using the words from the YouCat Prayer Book 'Lord, open my senses'. It is best accompanied with music such as 'Open the eyes of my heart' by Paul Baloche. 

Friendship: this was made for those who have just moved into Year 7 reflecting on how to make friends, what it means to be a good friend and that Jesus wants to be our friend. It is best accompanied with 'You've got a friend in me' by Michael Buble.

The following have been made taking quotes from the YouCat on the topic and turned into a teaching/reflective powerpoint that plays through automatically. Some have been used at previous lux.teachings evenings.The topics are listed below along with suggested accompanying music. 

What responsibilities to others do I have as a Christian? - 'Anything can happen' by Ellie Goulding 

How is the Bible relevant? - 'These words' by Natasha Bedingfield

Killing or caring? Moral issues and Euthanasia - 'Not giving in' by Rudimental 

The Last Things: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory - ambient music - for suggestions please see the Music section in our Credo: 'How to use' guide.


From the Dropbox folder you can download the following:

NEW! A reflection on the feast of the Epiphany

A creative video that takes you on a whistlestop tour through The Bible in 50 words. You can go through the whole Bible in one go or each Testament at a time. Note: for some computers to download a full version you may need to right click and select download rather than just clicking on the title. 

On our YouTube Chanel we have a range of videos which you may also find useful. Click the title of the one you wish to access:

Faith & Family

Mary said 'yes'

Litany of Loreto - for suggestions on how to use this see our lux.resource section

Prayer for Vocations

Saints prayer

Be Still - this was created as a reflection during Advent but can be used for any reflection on being quiet and waiting on the Lord

The Cross - great for a Lentern reflection


Please let us know what you think or if you have used any of our resources - we would love to hear your feedback! Email us.