Free Apps

Here are some must have apps to have on your phone or other device for those involved in Catholic Youth Ministry. Search for them on your phone app store. They are a great resource and you could also recommend the young people download them on to their phones.

The Pope App:

A great app that has links to the Pope's speeches, images and details of events that the Pope is involved in Laudate - provides access to loads of Church prayers, allowing you also to access daily readings and even reflect before confession


With Daily Mass Readings, Saints of the Day, Liturgy of Hours, Interactive Rosary, Reconciliation reflections and more, this is a must have.

You Version:

A free Bible app with verses of the day and plans that you can follow  to help you unpack scripture.

Life Teen:

An app for teens that provides new, authentically Catholic content every day from Life Teen.


Comes with a free download of Nooma video 'Rain' and the ability to purchase others in this great series.

Nooma DVDs:

Are produced with young Christians in mind. They are written and performed by Rob Bell from Michigan USA but work very well with UK young people.