Resources On Mary

Often there are common misconceptions about what Catholics believe about Mary, so it is an important topic to discuss. Some resources about Mary came out of our residential weekend lux.maiden and our pilgrimage to Lourdes. We hope they are of some use to you.

At the bottom of this page you can download a prayer card with several of the Marian prayers. You may like to specifically use these in your youth group or school throughout the month of May, the month of Mary.

You can also download a worksheet to make your own rosary. 

Another style of prayer when asking Mary to pray for us is the Litany of Loreto. We have created a video for you to use which you may want to play some ambient music, to keep a prayerful atmosphere.. This works well praying it together in a group, with some of the group saying the first half and the rest of the group responding. You could divide it into sections - you can download the handout below- and each group read out a part whilst the following video played.

You could also use the following  prayer reflecting on Mary's response to God's call:


Here are some more videos by Busted Halo who give brief explanations about what Catholics belive about Mary, the Immaculate Conception and Lourdes. Click here to view them. 

At the lux.maiden weekend we also had an opportunity to answer some of the young people's questions about Mary. Here you can see a selection of those questions and responses. To read more about what else went on at lux.maiden and to get inspiration from the talks that were given, click here.