Exploring Scripture with Young People

The Bible can be a complex thing to consider, and an enormous task to begin to get your head around. To try to help with this, and to develop a bit of confidence in both your young people, and us as youth leaders, we have developed a range of easy games to play.

Along the same lines, we've also developed a PowerPoint
resource that unpacks the big picture of the Biblical story.






The Biblical Story

The themes of the PowerPoint are drawn from a book called ‘The Drama of Scripture’, by Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen. If you’re interested in exploring the overarching story of the Bible, this is as good a starting place as any! The principle of the PowerPoint is that approaching the Bible as a big,thick collection of books can be really daunting for us as 21st century readers – especially for young people. Although we’ll probably always struggle with some issues of interpretation, a massive first step we can take is to familiarize ourselves and our young people with the overall picture of the Bible. 

You can download the PowerPoint from our dropbox folder here. You’ll notice that it doesn’t (in general) run on a timed loop. This is so that you can take any bits that you find useful and reproduce them elsewhere. To help you use this resource, please also download directions for use and a breakdown of the slides.

Elsewhere, we look at how to use film to unpack Scripture, and how to use music to think about Biblical themes. On this site, we're also featuring a variety of short films devised by the REVELATION Bible School themselves. You can see these films by following the link here.

Recommended resources

People are always asking which books and types of Bible we would recommend for ministry among young people. You can find a list containing some of our suggestions here. As for websites, you may find some of the links below helpful as you investigate the world of the Bible:

Bible Gateway is the world's most popular online Bible tool

Bible Society provide many tools for reading the Bible, including a fantastic download called ‘Style guide’

Barnabas Resources are excellent starters for unpacking Scripture - particularly with younger teens.

Scripture Union's site links through to 'WordLive' and 'LightLive' - two interactive ways for older and younger people to pray using scripture every day.

Lifeteen - American Catholic Movement has the resident 'Bible Geek' - look under 'Articles' 

Tangle -  the new version of 'God Tube' has a lot of wacky videos about a whole range of Christian topics, but in amongst the craziness, there are some gems (search, for instance, for 'Let Him Hear')

The Story of a Kingdom helps provide a background to the Biblical text, and show how the big picture fits together - click on 'Chapters' to download the different breakdowns of each book.

The Brick Testament is a lighthearted exposition of many Bible stories, made out of lego - good for visual illustrations.

The Catholic Bible School, near Chichester, runs courses and retreats based around Scripture.

The 2011 Trust is preparing for celebrations to mark 400 years since the Bible was translated into the English King James Version.

Universalis is an American site that lists scripture references for Mass every day.

Biblical Art is a search engine which allows you to search by passage, theme, artist or word