Some resources for advent...

The online Catholic Encyclopaedia, extensively defines the Church's understanding of the Advent season here. For a history of the Advent wreath, visit the Catholic Education Resource Centre.

Check out Catholic Youth Work for some great Advent resources.

Paperless Christmas from BRF is an online animated retelling of the Christmas story specifically aimed at young people.

This section of the How Stuff Works website has lots of interesting facts and and little known trivia about Christmas.

Click here for some school assembly resources from Missio.

The Epiphany

Read about the history and origins of the feast of Epiphany in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Here you'll find a selection of Epiphany prayers, and here you can read how the feast is celebrated in other parts of the world.

Prayer, Spirituality & Thoughts

Here you can download ex navy chaplain Mgr Paul Donovan from St Aidan's, Kingsthorpe, reflection on Advent, where he uses fantastic imagery, relating Advent to a toothbrush. It's well worth a read. 

24-7 Prayer offer daily reading, prayer and thought as well as a devotional podcast for each day in Advent. A fantastic way to stay focussed on the real meaning of Christmas. You could suggest your young people download the app! has several blogs reflecting on Advent and the aspects of waiting and preparation and suggests practial ways to reflect on the Christmas story in a Lectio Divina style. 

'There's something about Joseph' John Ortberg looks at Joseph from a slightly different perspective and writes about what can be learned from the nativity about the high cost of righteousness.

'The Mary we never knew' - why the mother of Jesus was more revolutionary than we've been led to believe!

On SGM Lifewords you'll find many ideas backed up by downloadable PowerPoints and more.