• Enjoy each other. If you can laugh and cry and scream and shout together that’s a good sign.
  • Don’t get married to make things better – it won’t. It’s not a spray tan! Get married because it’s the best thing for the two of you.
  • Realise that sometimes it will be difficult Remember that love is a decision
  • Strive to avoid mediocrity
  • Invite the Holy Spirit into your relationship
  • Pay complements to each other
  • Remember that it is not a competition, particularly when parenting
  • Put each other first and the rest will follow
  • Focus on what your relationship needs at that moment
  • Take time to discern. Deciding not to is as important as deciding to. Don’t be afraid to act on your decision. Sometimes marriage preparation leads people to decide not to get married and that’s important. Don’t be afraid because God puts the right people along your path.
  • Allow your community to sustain you through the good and the bad. Its very easy to celebrate the good times but the community that are there are there to support you. Those who attend your wedding have a vested interest in your marriage and you as a couple. Therefore pick people to talk to together as a couple, talk to couples for help, involve your parents and other family members.
  • Remember you are a universe, the two of you in yourselves. You are unique and that’s so life-giving.