Diocesan Priesthood

Priest (from the Greek presbyteros + elder): co-worker with the Bishop in proclaiming the Gospel and administering the Sacraments. He carries out his ministry in communion with the other priests, under the leadership of the Bishop.

Being a priest does not mean just assuming an office or a ministry. Through Holy Orders a priest receives as a definite power and a mission for his brothers and sisters in faith. A priest who administers the Sacraments is a servant who is given the transforming, healing and saving power of Christ through his ordination in order to do God's work.The Priest will proclaim the Word of God, administer the Sacraments and above all, celebrate the Holy Eucharist. They are called to be celibate as Jesus was, to show his undivided love and devotion to God.[YouCat #249, 250, 254, 258].

"The priest continues [Christ's] work of redemption on earth"
-St John Vianney

Here Seminarian Brendan shares his story about his call to priesthood and what Seminary is like:

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