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Take Time

God speaks, you listen. He points the way, you follow. He loves, you respond to that love and share it.

God is love. 

Yet sometimes even the holiest amongst us do not hear what love is saying.


He uses everything to speak to us; music, family, silence, drama, movies, dance, sport, prayer, disaster, laughter, friends, art, TV, priests, computers, university, the list is endless. Every possible thing you see and hear, touch and smell could be a prompt from God.

One thing is very clear: When God speaks, something happens.

Take time.

"To discern" means to separate, to distinguish, to shift.

Discernment is a journey and a process. It is a time of listening and reflecting on where God is calling us. It requires that we become good listeners, not only to God but to others who walk with us along the journey of faith.

Discernment is cultivated in listening love. Listening to God means sifting through all the other voices, tendancies and desires. By clicking on the links below you can find out some of the different techniques for discerning:

General tips

Click the links to read our discernment tips:

It can also help to look at the lives of the saints to see how their call to holiness can impact our lives.

"May the risen Christ guide all of you and the whole humanity on the paths of justice, love and peace"

-Pope Francis, Easter 2013

Click 'play' to hear some of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's talk at the Big Assembly in 2010. He encourages young people to respond to God's love. He points out that God wants your friendship and that you should always be open to him and his call on your life.