"To read sacred scripture means to turn to Christ for advice"
- St Francis of Assisi

There are many different ways that scripture can be used to help you work out your unique calling from God. One of these popular techniques is known as Lectio Divina. 
"In Lectio Divina, our souls absorb the word of God. Then it flows from us into the world, giving life and changing everything around us"  - Catholic Youth Prayer Book, 2007, p89. Lectio Divina is Latin for 'divine reading', 'spiritual reading' or 'holy reading', and represents a traditional Christian practice of prayer and scriptural reading intended to promote communion with God and to increase in the knowledge of God's word. It is a way of praying with scripture that calls one to study, ponder, listen and, finally, pray and even sing and rejoice from God's Word, within the soul. Lectio Divina has been likened to 'Feasting on the Word'. The four parts are first taking a bite (Reading), then chewing on it (Meditation). Next is the opportunity to savour the essence of it (Prayer). Finally, the Word is digested and made a part of the body (Contemplation).

consists in reading the scriptural passage slowly, attentively several times. Many write down words in the scripture that stick out to them or grasp their attention during this moment.

Meditation: at the point the reader take the passage and ruminates on it, thinking in God's presence about the text. The inward working of the Holy Spirit enables us to grasp the revelation contatined in the Scripture.

Prayer: Understood as dialogue with God, that is, as loving conversation with the One who has invited us into His embrace. In this prayer we allow the word that we have taken in, and on which we are pondering, to touch and change our deepest selves.

Contemplation: This moment is characterised by a simple, loving focus on God. In other words, it is a beautiful, wordless contemplation of God, a joyful rest in His presence.

     - Fr Andy, Burnham



"To touch the hem of the cloak of our Lord is just by reading a little piece of scripture"
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI 
"Speak Lord; for your servant is listening"
- 1 Samuel 3:1-10