Fr Christopher Jamison came to speak to us at and pointed out that we can't work out our call all on our own. He said that we have to let other voices come into it and make the choice with prayer in confidence.

The Lord talks to us in many different ways. Prayer is one of the ways in which we can communicate with God so when you are discerning it is important that you spend time in prayer with a good mix between you praying to God and you taking moments of silence in order for you to hear from God. Try to get into a daily routine of prayer.

St Ignatius of Loyola wanted to make sure he walked with God everyday. To prepare for the next day, he reviewed the one he had just lived. This helped him to see ways in which he was present to God and ways he needed to be more present (The Catholic Youth Prayer Book, 2007, p22). Why don't you give this a go? We've prepared a powerpoint presentation to help you if you need. Take time out at the end of each day and reflect using the presentation. You could also try journalling as you go along. You may want to pause it if you want to reflect on the questions for longer - there are no rules on how to use it but try to get into a routine and see what happens: Examination of Conscience

What if I don't feel any response when I pray?

Often we won't receive complete clarity in response to our prayers. It is important to remember that God knows that better than we do. God knows that we are acting on our best insights, on the limited information we have and will guide us an bring us on to the right path if we let him (

How do I know when I hear God's voice?

Sue Whitehead shares her experiences of hearing God speak to us.

We have a diocesan Prayer for Vocations. We must all remember to pray for others who are discerning and those who are in the process of commiting to a vocation.

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