How to Discern

Below are some attitudes which are important for discernement. Reflecting on these can be helpful in the process of discovering your calling.


courageous - be willing to let go and trust God completely.

generous - let God write whatever it is he has made you for on your life.

obedient  - remember that the ultimate goal of life is to serve God and therefore everything we do should link to this.

open  - have an open mind and heart in order to hear what God wants to say to you. Be willing to respond to God's call with no conditions attached.

reflective  - pray and reflect regularly as this helps us to listen to God's voice in our lives. For more info and tips on prayer for discernment click here.


See below Fr Christopher Jamison's talk he gave at NYMO's event. He talks about the framework which is, if you like, the background to making life's decisions.