"We contemplate Him.
We adore Him.
We love Him.
We seek to grow in love for HIm."
Pope Emeritus Benedict vxi, Lourdes 2008

Each day at 5.00 in the afternoon, pilgrims gather by the altar on the prairie (just across the river from the grotto) and prepare to take part in the Blessed Sacrament Procession. Thousands of people join together to focus their eyes upon Jesus.

It is an incredible experience when thousands of people are together in silence. You cannot help but offer your worries and desires to Christ and know that he hears you.

As you enter the underground Basillica, banners are waving, incense burning and there is Jesus right there with us.

"Tell the Priests to let the people come in procession and let a chapel be built"
Our Lady, March 2nd 1858

Youcat 274
Popular piety, which is expressed in veneration for processions, pilgrimages and devotions, is an important way in which the faith becomes inculturated. It is good as long as it is in and of the Church, leads to Christ, and does not try to "earn" heaven by works, apart from God's grace.