As Christians, we believe that anything is possible for God. He can and does do anything. Nothing is too big for Him (Matt 19:26)

Every year in Lourdes many people experience healing - some physical healing and some of those are recognised as miracles by the Catholic Church. In fact, since 1858, there have been at least 6784 unexplained healings recorded, however, just 68 have been officially recognised as miraculous by the Church, the most recent only being confirmed in October 2012.

For most of us,our pilgrimage to Lourdes will not involve a physical healing, but all of us need healing in one way or another; addictions, wrongdoings, heartaches, grief, tempers, worries, anguish, despair, bitterness - these things can consume us and God will heal us.

We know that it is God's mercy and love that heals and this love exists in every place.


The water from the Massabielle Spring in Lourdes is just ordinary drinking water. It was used by Mary as a symbol. As pilgrims we imitate Bernadette and drink from the spring and wash ourselves in the water.

Next to the Grotto there are 34 taps distributing the spring water for people to driink and wash as The Immaculate Conception wished us to.

"Go and drink from the spring and wash yourself in it"
Our Lady to Bernadette, Feb 25th 1858

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Christ's love is shown in the fact that he seeks the lost and heals the sick. That is why he gave us the Sacraments of healing and restoration, in which we are freed from sin and strengthened in our physical and spiritual weakness