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lux.teachings in East Hunsbury

Author: Lizi/Monday, November 18, 2013/Categories: Blog, Events, lux.teachings

Ellie attended the lux.teachings evening at her youth club and reported: 

I really enjoyed the Lux Teachings session. I was really interested to learn about suffering, because I was really intrigued as to why we suffer. I learnt so much about suffering and started to understand it! Lots of my questions about God, heaven and suffering were answered and I learnt many new things.
I'm glad that we played lots of games and had lots of fun, I think that everyone enjoyed it, especially me! 
The session definitely has changed my understanding of God and why he does things, even if I don't agree with it all! My favourite activities were eating Dominos pizza because we had a real laugh and then the moment of reflection at the end. It was very peaceful and a chance to settle down. 
Pete Deboo is involved in running the youth group at East Hunsbury and wrote:

We had a range of young people, not only from the youth group I run at the East Hunsbury and Towcester parishes but also a sizeable contingent had made the journey from Rushden. The focus for the session was 'why does a loving God allow suffering?' For my young people this is something they have really struggled with and often ask me some challenging questions. So it was interesting to have the topic brought to them by Lizi and Steve of NYMO with 'specialist' input from Fr Brendan! The input from Fr Brendan was particularly valuable to them and it was nice to hear some of the questions the young people responded with. An excellent mix of games, social time, shared food and spiritual input made this session a success and I had a number of emails from parents asking me to pass on my thanks to the NYMO team for their excellent work. They are certainly welcome back any time!


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