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lux.teachings in MK!

Author: Administrator Account/Monday, June 10, 2013/Categories: Blog, lux.teachings

I was very pleased and excited to finally be able to attend a lux.teachings at the beginning of June. We were welcomed into St Augustine’s by Father Allan with doughnuts in abundance! I was amazed at how many young people came along on such a beautiful sunny day – I guess the doughnuts helped!

We started with some games that helped us to chat to each other, meet some new people and find out a bit more about everyone! We then had a great talk from Father Allan that was really clear and accessible. He spoke about how the Bible is still relevant in our lives today, focusing to begin with on the creation stories and how they are used to emphasise how much God loves us. He explained that the Bible is not just a history book, or a science book but is a love letter from God to us, and answers the ‘why?’ questions rather than the ‘how?’ ones. We then watched a short video presentation that showed all the relevant quotes about reading the Bible in the catechism and various Vatican documents so we could understand the church teaching on the subject. It encouraged us to read, think, pray and live the Bible. You can see the video in PDF form here.

Afterwards, we got into groups and came up with some questions for Father Allan about what we had learnt. The questions were all really interesting, and enabled Father Allan to teach us more about why the Bible is split into two testaments and explain the importance of telling others about our faith. We ended the day by making a commitment to read the Bible more often, giving ourselves a realistic goal to stick to! It was a really fun and educational day, so thanks again to all who came along! :)

- Ria


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