Parish Resources

In this section you'll find free youth ministry resources like games, ideas, powerpoint prayer, movies, and much more for you to use. Most of the resources have been developed, tried and tested by the NYMO team. 
Feel free to browse and use any of the ideas you see.

Please contact us if you have any feedback and feel free to send in anything you think would fit on the site. We would love to hear from you!

Need some inspiration for some new icebreakers? Visit this website for some free ideas, games and team building activities for various sized groups.

*Advent Resources*

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Trek Resource: Help your youth group to unpack and engage with the YouCat.



 Credo Resources : Ready to run resources exploring faith in the Bible.

   The Bible: Studying the Bible with young people? Here's some ideas.


  The Priesthood: Here are some resources for exploring the priesthood.         

   The Papacy: Resources for understanding the role of the Pope.

  The Saints: Lots of resources to help explain sainthood.

   Mary, the Mother of God: Resources to explain Catholic teaching on the role of Mary.

  Music: Ideas for music in the Mass.  

  Films: Here are some secular films to aid discussion about faith.