Could young people in your parish form a study group and meet once a month to do some activities, socialize and learn about their faith? The NYMO team have put together an eight session program called ‘Trek’ that works through the YOUCAT by using games, activities, discussion questions and prayers.

Download the first Trek session here.

The YOUCAT is divided into four parts and so each part is treated with two sessions:

What Catholics believe and why (Trek sessions № 1 and 2)

How Catholics celebrate the mysteries of faith (Trek sessions № 3 and 4)

How Catholics should live their lives (Trek sessions № 5 and 6)

How Catholics should pray (Trek sessions № 7 and 8)

Each session takes about 2 hours to run, but you can split this up with social time or a meal. The activities are a mixture of lively and then more sedate tasks which bring together the ideas and themes of the session.

You will need to show different video clips and slides so you'll need to get hold of a computer or laptop with
internet access and a projector and screen. It would also be helpful to have an iTunes account so you can
download the suggested music tracks. If you need any help with this side of things, please do get in touch with us. Anything else you might need for individual sessions is outlined at the beginning.

Young people will also need a journal in which they can jot down ideas throughout their Trek programme.

It is our hope that the Trek resource is 'ready-to-run'. Everything you need is listed at the beginning, and every
activity or game is explained with no assumption of prior knowledge. If you want to talk more about how you could use this resource in your parish, please do get in touch with Steve.