What happened when a group of young adults gave up their sunny Saturday…

On Saturday 8th June a group of bright young things gathered in an upper room. Now given the surroundings were the crazy bear pub (if you’ve never been it’s worth going for a gawp!) it wasn’t quite the last supper. What it was however, was a great day filled with fun, faith, friends, and food. ...

June 24th – St John the Baptist

Patron Saint of Baptism St John the Baptist was son of Zachariah and Mary’s cousin Elizabeth. His birth was foretold to Zachariah by an Angel. He lived as a hermit in the desert of Judea until about A.D. 27. When he was thirty he began to preach and call people to “Repent, for the kingdom of ...

May 13th – St John the Silent

St John the Silent was born in 452 in Nicopolis, Armenia. He established a monatery at the age of 18 and was appointed a Bishop of Colonia at the age of 28. He spent 9 years in this role before retiring to Jerusalem to embrace the eremitical life as a hermit. He lived for seventy-five years as a ...

That Thing For Young Adults Goes to Mars!

Having missed so many of the TTFYA events until now, I can only say that I am glad that, now being 25, I have finally got around to one!  My initial impressions were that of anticipation and was really looking forward to the subject of the most recent event: ‘That Thing for Young Adults Goes to ...

April 22 – Blessed Maria Gabriella Sagheddu 1914 – 1939

Patron Saint of Ecumenism Beatified: 25 January 1983, Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls, Rome, Italy by John Paul II Blessed Sister Maria Gabriella Sagheddu was born in Sardinia in 1914. She was a Trappist nun who lived in an enclosed order of cloistered contemplative monastics and followed ...

In the life of a Priest: Seminary

Back up to Northampton, this time to be a member on the interview panel for two potential students for the priesthood.  Prior to going to Seminary to train as a priest, candidates first come to vocation weekends run by the diocese to explore the possibility of being called to the priesthood.  If ...

In the life of a Priest: Lent Begins

Find out how Fr Andy prepares for Easter in Lent, including attempting to make pancakes with Fr

In the life of a Priest: Reconciliation

This week involved attended a “Diocesan Evangelisation Team” meeting in Northampton, popping in to lx.maiden and going for a pint.

In the life of a Priest: The Community of Slough

Attended the Slough Area Pastoral Council at Holy Family RC Church in Langley, to keep in touch and share ideas.

In the life of a Priest: Christian Unity

This week was the week to pray for Christian Unity so in Burnham, various churches got together and arranged joint services at each church.