In the life of a Priest: Seminary

Back up to Northampton, this time to be a member on the interview panel for two potential students for the priesthood.  Prior to going to Seminary to train as a priest, candidates first come to vocation weekends run by the diocese to explore the possibility of being called to the priesthood.  If ...

In the life of a Priest: Lent Begins

Find out how Fr Andy prepares for Easter in Lent, including attempting to make pancakes with Fr

In the life of a Priest: Reconciliation

This week involved attended a “Diocesan Evangelisation Team” meeting in Northampton, popping in to lx.maiden and going for a pint.

In the life of a Priest: The Community of Slough

Attended the Slough Area Pastoral Council at Holy Family RC Church in Langley, to keep in touch and share ideas.

In the life of a Priest: Christian Unity

This week was the week to pray for Christian Unity so in Burnham, various churches got together and arranged joint services at each church.

In the life of a Priest: Schools

Hosted at Our Lady of Peace Church the Schools Partnership Mass for the Slough Pastoral Area and attended a full governors meeting for the junior school.

In the life of a Priest: Back to reality

Back to the normal parish duties at Our Lady of Peace, Burnham. Typical days always include celebrating the parish Mass and praying the Divine Office (prayers of the Church priests promise to say over the course of each day, for the church and for the world).

In the life of a Priest: First week of 2013

Fr Andy from Burnham blogs for us about what life is like as a Parish Priest...

December 6th - St Nicholas

Patron Saint of Children.

St. Nicholas was a Roman Catholic bishop who helped the needy. After his death the legend of his gift-giving grew and he transformed into the legendary character 'Santa Clause'. On his feast day we pray for children. St. Nicholas was born in what is now Turkey in 280 AD and died on December 6th, 343...

TTFYA - Generosity

The second in the series of days for young adults of Northampton Diocese; 'That Thing For Young Adults' took place on 17th November at the Old Moat House pub in Luton. Being just over the age bracket 18-25 I was warmly invited and looked forward to the day without really knowing what to expect. Greeted by a mixture of 'young adults' some journalists, quantity surveyors and media students to name a few, all with their own story but most importantly; a common faith in Christ and His church.