TTFYA Kettering: The Bible

On Saturday 16th November TTFYA was at St Edward’s Church, Kettering and the theme for the day was the Bible.

The day started with cups of tea and us introducing ourselves by sharing our favourite Bible stories. After this important business, Pam (who kindly led the day with Lizi), set us the task of sorting out the books of the Bible into the Old and New Testament- but we were warned that there were a few trick ones thrown in!

TTFYA: Euthanasia

On Saturday, September 21st there was an assembly of enthusiastic, like-minded young adults in the Borlase Hall at St. Theresa’s Church in Beaconsfield, who were all eager to get into a hearty debate over the issue of Euthanasia and the Church’s teachings and view on the subject. Fr. Francis ...

What happened when a group of young adults gave up their sunny Saturday…

On Saturday 8th June a group of bright young things gathered in an upper room. Now given the surroundings were the crazy bear pub (if you’ve never been it’s worth going for a gawp!) it wasn’t quite the last supper. What it was however, was a great day filled with fun, faith, friends, and food. ...

That Thing For Young Adults Goes to Mars!

Having missed so many of the TTFYA events until now, I can only say that I am glad that, now being 25, I have finally got around to one!  My initial impressions were that of anticipation and was really looking forward to the subject of the most recent event: ‘That Thing for Young Adults Goes to ...

TTFYA - Generosity

The second in the series of days for young adults of Northampton Diocese; 'That Thing For Young Adults' took place on 17th November at the Old Moat House pub in Luton. Being just over the age bracket 18-25 I was warmly invited and looked forward to the day without really knowing what to expect. Greeted by a mixture of 'young adults' some journalists, quantity surveyors and media students to name a few, all with their own story but most importantly; a common faith in Christ and His church.

That Thing For Young Adults

When I heard about That Thing For Young Adults (TTFYA) I was really excited.  As an inquisitive 25 year old Catholic, I felt I was alone in my quest to muddle through the complex teachings of the church.  Our church family is universal in scope, yet locally, after the age of 18, young Catholics are left to their formative adult years without recourse to youth clubs or specialised youth workers.  Cue TTFYA.  It’s the brainchild of Lizi Martin at NYMO, who recognised the need for a regular meeting for 18-25 year olds to get to grips with their faith as young adults operating in a largely secular world.